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Trusted and Reliable Interpreting Service For Over 10Years




With more than 10 years of experience in translation and interpreting for both the public and private sectors, our interpreting services cover the whole iran.

Our language range is also second to none, we have access to  interpreters and linguists that can interpret over 5 languages.


We don't just specialise in language interpreting. We offer a wide and highly skilled interpreting agency service for all sign languages. With expertise in many forms of interpreting from British Sign Language, conference interpreting, simultaneous interpretation, telephone interpreting and consecutive interpreting, we are sure you will find us to be a very efficient and friendly language company.



Court Interpreting Services

We can have a qualified, fluent speaking court interpreter available to the court service within very limited timeframes. We understand the demands of working with English dutch greek farsi Turkish language System and are proactive in addressing all requests and enquiries.


Sign Language Interpreting Services

Prestige Network British Sign Language Interpreters are not only highly skilled in their profession, but are also well practiced in working in stressful or sensitive circumstances, for example interpreting in law courts or police stations. Experienced in dealing with a variety of special needs requirements, our interpreters can carry out consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting. If required, we can also provide American sign language or Irish sign language interpreters in to dutch greek farsi and Turkish .


Public Service Interpreting Services

Language is all about people. At Prestige Network we recognise that the words on the page are crucial, but that the message and people behind them are more important. This is true of all the industries we work with and especially within the public interpreting sector. We operate a close network of public service interpreters who are adept at interpreting for the Government, within Education and within all aspects of Local Authority. Our public service interpreters are confident and accurate at all times.


Language Interpreting Services

With lingusists availble for  5 languages we can interpret the language you require. We can interpret from any language into any other language, we are not restricted to English or the more main stream languages.


Telephone Interpreting Services

Conducted over the phone or web, either by three-way conversation or under prearranged direction, we can offer you a full telephone interpreting service from any of  5 languages.


Conference Interpreting Services

We provide consecutive/face to face conference interpreting and simultaneous interpreting services for conventions and events of any size, anywhere in the iran Iraq Afghanistan Azerbaijan armanistan dubai… and even abroad. We are also happy to supply any necessary equipment and undertake any translation and/or transcription requirements.


Face to Face Interpreting

The most common form of interpreting, we take a broad view of linguistic differences, focusing not solely upon the spoken word but also on cultural and social inferences and stylistic linguistic customs. Our fluent native speaking face to face interpreters can therefore detect subtle changes and inflections whilst interpreting, further enhancing the clarity and quality of the interpreting assignment.


zabanholandi@yahoo.com    00989121484687  

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+ نوشته شده در  جمعه دهم شهریور 1391ساعت 23:19  توسط دبیریان | 
Dutch interpreter


Interpretations from Dutch to English and English to Dutch  and dutch to farsi and farsi to dutch are included among the services we provide at our agency.

Our translation agency , with office in Tehran specialises in interpretations in Dutch at all kinds of events and meetings. We offer   simultaneous  consecutive  liaison and  chuchotage (whispering) interpretations from Dutch to English and farsi.

All of our Dutch – English – farsi  interpreters are widely-experienced professionals specialising in their respective areas.

Our Dutch interpreters work with the documentation with which they are supplied and, if necessary, they can prepare the meeting with the customer, either by phone or in person.
It is advisable to send the documentation for Dutch interpreters a week or at least two days before the event or meeting, otherwise it will not be possible to guarantee the quality of the interpretation.

At our Services we work according to our   basic principles. Our quality and prices, which are very competitive, make us your best option. Try us out. If you are looking for a Dutch interpreter, please contact us.

For further information call us or send us an email .

N.B.: All documents sent to our translation agency shall be treated confidentially and will remain the property of their owner as from the application for a quote for the Dutch - English interpretation service

+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه دهم مهر 1390ساعت 12:44  توسط دبیریان | 
dutch language for afghan

We organize intensive Dutch language programs for foreigners from absolute beginners to state exam level NT2-2.


Our curriculum emphasises realistic situations of            various social environments that are common in the Netherlands ( including work )


We provide tailor made Dutch courses  such as correct writing and effective communication applicable to your professional working environment ( beginners to advanced).


Most of our students in the Dutch lessons have the ambition to make a lot of progress in a short time. This we can guarantee because in the small learning groups there is a lot of opportunity to experiment with various ways of expressing yourself in Dutch. And to get enough personal attention for your questions.

You are provided with the materials for your training and for preparation of the lessons. You will be stimulated by a motivated teacher-coach for whom it is a professional and personal satisfaction to let you achieve.


Our approach: focused on achievement and results - personal attention - intensive and professional- learning can be fun-comparison of language learning to teamsport


Students say: " to learn Dutch in the Dutch language course  was inspiring and I learned a lot in a short time. A social experience beyond just following a Dutch course. I learned to speak amazingly fast in a nice learning environment"

"To learn another language is to possess a second soul."


Our Dutch language training range  from A-1 toC-2 ++     

(Reference European Framework   languages)                                                                                                                                                               




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+ نوشته شده در  شنبه بیست و دوم مرداد 1390ساعت 0:25  توسط دبیریان | 

۱- آمادگی آزمون سفارت هلند کاملا تضمینی

2- برگزاری دوره های آموزش زبان هلندی برای

 دانشجویان و افرادی که قصد اقامت دارند

 3- کلاسهای گروهی وخصوصی آموزش زبان

هلندی در سراسر ایران

 4-مکالمه زبان هلندی

 5-مترجم نامه ها و متون زبان هلندی به فارسی و

 انگلیسی و بالعکس

+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه بیست و دوم خرداد 1390ساعت 10:59  توسط دبیریان | 
متاسفانه عده ای افراد سودجو که صرفا با چند سال اقامت در هلند اندکی زبان هلندی یاد گرفته اند جهت کسب درامدبه آموزش زبان هلندی پرداخته اند .

اموزش زبان یک فن است که این افراد فاقد آن می باشند

همانند هر رشته دیگری رشته اموزش زبان در دنیا وجود دارد

اموزش زبان هلندی را فقط با تحصیلکردگان در این رشته فرا بگیرید تا به اهداف بلند خود دست یابید

قبل از ثبت نام در اموزشگاهها مدارک تحصیلی مدرسین خود را ببینید.

با تشکر

مدیریت سایت

+ نوشته شده در  جمعه بیستم آذر 1388ساعت 13:16  توسط دبیریان | 

مدرس تحصیلکرده در رشته اموزش زبان هلندی به شما کمک

 خواهد کرد زبان را مفهومی درک کنید



+ نوشته شده در  جمعه بیستم آذر 1388ساعت 12:53  توسط دبیریان | 
بیوگرافی نویسنده :

خدمات آموزشی گروه هلندی  :
  • برگزاری دوره های زبان هلندی جهت آزمون 
  • برگزاری دوره های زبان هلندی جهت اخذ مدرک nt2
  • برگزاری دوره های زبان هلندی جهت محاوره ، مکالمات روزمره 
  • اعزام مترجم جهت مکالمات ، مشاوره ها و محاوره ها در تمامی زمینه ها در سراسر ایران
  • اعزام مترجم جهت تورهای گردشگری در سراسر ایران
  • ترجمه نامه ها ، مطالب و عناوین در زمینه های مختلف در سراسر ایران

درباره ما بدانید :

گروه آموزشی هلندی با سالها تجربه در زمینه آموزش ، ترجمه و آماده سازی افراد با هر زمینه و سطح آگاهی وتحصیلی جهت آزمون  مفتخر است به سه طریق حضوری ، نیمه حضوری و غیر حضوری خدمات خود را به متقاضیان ارائه نماید .
گروه آموزشی هلندی با برگزاری کلاسهای متعدد در تهران و ارسال مطالب به تمام نقاط ایران ، جوابگوی تمام هنر جویان زبان هلندی بوده و آموزش نکات کلیدی را با روشی آسان آموزش خواهد داد.
قابل توجه می باشد که این گروه آموزشی در شهرستانها هنرجویان خود را بدون نیاز به حضور در موسسه و صرفا از طریق ارسال خود آموزهای موسسه در درک مطالب کلیدی ونکات گرامری یاری می رساند ، همچنین موسسه قادر خواهد بود اشکالات هنرجویان را به راحتی با برقراری ارتباط با اساتید تصحیح و رفع نماید.
در این متد آموزشی هنرجو قادر خواهد بود بدون حضور در کلاسها و حتی اعزام به تهران بصورت غیر حضوری و خصوصی نیز فرا گرفته و خود را جهت آزمون  آماده نماید .

تلفن تماس جهت برقراری ارتباط در سراسر ایران ۰۹۱۲۱۴۸۴۶۸۷                                                                    zabanholandi@yahoo.com

nedrlandse taal cursus in iran
+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه بیست و دوم مرداد 1387ساعت 9:45  توسط دبیریان | 
صفحه نخست
پست الکترونیک
عناوین مطالب وبلاگ
درباره وبلاگ
تنها مرکز معتبر زبان هلندی
Course content
This intensive course is aimed at non-native Dutch language teachers. The course focuses on Dutch language, Dutch culture and didactics. It can be used as a way to refresh your knowledge and to exchange views with colleagues from all over the world. An average day consists of a lecture or a didactics session and a Dutch language class, during which you will improve your active command of the Dutch language (C-level)(embassy test). The course provides opportunities for learning through reflection, reading, practice and discussion.

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